Easy to Fix to
Extra Durable
Greater Sound Resistance

Supporting chic, cool, contemporary. And the odd Moose's Head.

The minute you saw it, you knew you had to have it ... Habito’s increased fixing strength will keep it exactly where you want it.

moose head mounted on wall

Supporting Innovations, Renovations and Little Boys Bent on Demolitions.

You can’t be careful all the time ... extra durable Habito plasterboard will withstand tiny terrors!

Boy playing with hammer

Supporting Peace, Quiet and Death Metal Guitar Solos.

Support their hobbies while preserving your sanity, with Habito’s increased sound resistance.

teenager playing heavy metal electric guitar

What makes Habito different

With fast moving trends, busy lifestyles and differing tastes all in one household, a home’s needs and its design evolves over time. To meet these ever changing demands Habito has been designed to be stronger, more durable, more sound-resistant and a more user-friendly wall for your home.

With Habito it is easy to attach fixtures to the wall, no need for drills or specialist fixings. Habito gives great resistance to everyday knocks and bumps thanks to its strength and durability and gives you enhanced sound insulation for harmony in your home.