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Why Habito?

What makes Habito Different?

Every room becomes a living room when you use Habito; say goodbye to restrictions and limitations, stop worrying about what you can and can’t do... with Habito, anything goes!

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Gyproc Habito - Sound Reducing Plasterboard

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Enhance Your Home with Gyproc Habito
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Easier to Fix to

Revolutionise DIY with the incredible fixing strength of Habito.  Simply screw a standard 5mm woodscrew directly into the plasterboard, and you can hang up to 15kg from it. It couldn't be easier.

For more information on loading (live loads) and fixing requirements please contact us

Kid with hammer

Extra Durable

Say goodbye to the dent behind the door, or the gouges on the wall left by kids playing a little too rough. Habito is the toughest plasterboard on the market, and can stand up to everything your family can throw at it. Gyproc Habito is 10 times stronger than standard plasterboard,

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Greater Sound Insulation

This is your home, not a library. Let things get a little loud at times, with up to 75% reduction in sound offered when two Habito plasterboards are used together. Relax and enjoy the freedom to make a little noise!